Saturday, January 20, 2018

Time to be ‘Stingy’*

THANKING FANS: Veteran calypsonian Hamidullah (Hamidullah Wahid).

Veteran calypsonian Hamidullah (Hamidullah Wahid) is enjoying a good response to his third soca parang “Stingy Hammy”, which is not in keeping with the spirit of giving at Christmas. “Stingy Hammy” comes on the heels of two other infectious soca parang songs - “Ahyee” and “Santa is a Superstar”.  During a visit to Express House, Hamidullah, 66, said: “‘Stingy Hammy’ is about a man and woman. They are going good all year, but at Christmas time they have to separate because the woman wants a lot of things. And the man does not want to give in to her demands.”
Hamidullah added: “It’s about social interaction. People have been enjoying the song. People are saying they have similar experiences at Christmas. 

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