Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Black fury, terror on Beetham *

READY TO WEAR: Shoppers take a close look at items offered for sale yesterday on High Street, San Fernando. Vendors have been allowed to sell their goods on the street throughout the Christmas season. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

The mainstream and social media captured the violent unrest that occurred in Beetham Gardens in Port of Spain in multi-racial Trinidad and Tobago on November 23.

Beetham residents created a gridlock on the highway leading to and out of the capital city. During the blockage, they rained stones at cars, vans, trucks and buses, shattering windows and windscreens. They robbed and terrorised innocent persons who were trapped in the blockade. Gasoline was thrown on cars to set them alight with people inside.

Former minister of national security Jack Warner said: “Imagine a group of young black boys are holding Port of Spain and this nation to ransom. A black nation with a black Prime Minister, a black National Security Minister, a black Police Commissioner and a black Chief Justice. They are making our leaders look impotent and is about time something is done” (Newsday, November 28).


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