Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sixteen killings in December's the 4th of December

FOUR days into December, and 16 men have been killed already.

There was a double murder at Barton Lane, Belmont 9 p.m. on Sunday.

And at 8 a.m. today two others killed at Pelican Extension, Morvant.

There have been 25 double murders for the year.

Most of the victims were killed by gunfire.


Dec 1       -  Ashram Ramnath, 33, businessman killed in home invasion in Carlsen Field

                - Vishnu Narine, 56, Ste Madeleine, discovered dead at the Usine Ste Madeleine pond

                - Anderson Babwah, 22, Marabella, stabbed to death by mentally ill man 

                - Doolalchan Lutchman, Tobago, found with rope tied to head, body decomposed 

                - Kevin Baptiste, 35, shot dead at his home at Morvant

                - Colin Henry, succumbed to injuries at hospital after being shot at roundabout in Barataria


Dec 2        - Andrew Prince, 40, gunned down at Sherwood Drive, Arima 

                - Anand Singh, 47, gunned down near home at Carlsen Field 

                - David Ali, gunned down in Diego Martin 


Dec 3       - Johnathan Gobin, 25, killed at Green Street, Arima 

                - Unidentified man found dead at Reid Lane, Arima 

                - Dwayne Callendar, 29, killed near his home at June Street, Couva 

                - Mota Ali and Jamal Modeste, gunned down at Barton Lane, Belmont 


Dec 4        - Akiel Edwards aka “Ratty”, and a man identified as "Shem", gunned down at Pelican Extension, Morvant