Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bullet through the heart for contractor

...he refused to be extorted

CONTRACTOR Kevin Baptiste was relentless stalked by criminals who insisted he give them some of the money he earned from his jobs.

He refused. So they killed him with a bullet through the heart.

At 12.15 p.m. last Friday, 35-year-old Baptiste was at his Caimite Street, Morvant home when his relatives heard five gunshots.

They found him dead in a storeroom.

Baptiste's relatives say he was killed because people wanted to rob him.

Baptiste reportedly told a relative that recently he awoke from sleep only to see two gunmen standing over him in his bedroom. They told him that they knew he had money and they wanted, “their cut.”

On the day he was killed police said that a gunman crawled through a broken window to ambush and kill him because he did not want to hand them over any of the money he earned.