Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stan Lee and the Trinis

Phillip Simon and his wife Brittney Alonzo-Simon with comic book legend Stan Lee.

Phillip Simon and his wife Brittney Alonzo-Simon are amazed that their photo with comic book legend Stan Lee has gotten so much attention.

A feat Simon has done not once but twice says his mother, Ann Marie Simon.

“My son is like an ambassador for Trinidad everywhere he goes. He and his wife Brittney are a part of the Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) programme. They were both selected to go to Japan to teach English,” she said.

Simon posted his photo on social media showing him and his wife Brittney posing with Marvel icon Stan Lee, who held up the Trinidad and Tobago flag at Tokyo Comic Con over the weekend.

He related how he managed to get this amazing photo on his post last Saturday: "So today in Tokyo comic we went to see the living legend once more but this time with the flag of our country in hand. I knew I wouldn't have much time to ask him to hold it so I rehearsed a few times in the line."

"When we got in I mustered up some courage pulled out the Trinidad and Tobago flag and asked Stan Lee if he could please hold one end. Stan Lee's face lit up. He was more than happy to do it but then the security started screaming “no no no!!” repeatedly."

"Luckily neither Stan Lee or his agents saw any danger in it and we got this picture. What a great guy indeed. Long live Stan Lee!"

“My son loves these comic conventions. This is the second time he has been to Tokyo Comic Con, and the second time he has taken a photo with Stan Lee. He told me he wanted to do something different this time and thought it would be a great idea to carry the flag. He knew he had a short window to talk to Stan Lee, and take the photo,” Ann Marie said.

The photo which has been shared almost 700 times on social media has garnered comments such as “This is equivalent to a gold medal man”, “Phillip Simon for ambassador”, “Thanks for representing”, and “Trinidad and Tobago to the world!”.

The couple has been in Japan since August 2016.

Simon's mother said she was not surprise by the attention since her son has a habit of drawing the limelight.

Earlier this year, Simon's mom came to visit him in Japan. While waiting for his mother at the airport, Simon was approach by Japanese television station, Tokyo TV, and was featured on their programme, “Why Did You Come to Japan?”

Simon can speak a bit of Japanese, and was able to share some aspects of Trinidad and Tobago.

Simon, who enjoys sharing with others where he comes from currently has a vlog on Youtube, trinicopramen, where he posts his adventures and life in Japan.

The couple should be back in Trinidad by August/September next year.