Thursday, January 18, 2018

Vicky taken to hospital with wounds

ACCUSED fraudster Vicky Boodram was taken from the Barataria Police Station to the Mt Hope Hospital this morning.

Boodram was treated at hospital for injuries to her wrist, and she was returned to the police station by noon.

She is now being closely watched by police officers.

Boodram, 35, was taken to hospital by officers after she was observed on closed circuit television footage.

The security camera records the cell in which she was placed last Thursday following her capture in Penal, three days after she allegedly escaped the Women's Section of the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca.

Boodram is now in a section of the Barataria Police Station where she is in the company of at least one police officer at all times.

Boodram is charged with 175 cases of fraud, many of which are being heard in the San Fernando Magistrates' Court.

She had been a fugitive for three days after she “broke out” from the Women's Prison with the alleged assistance of a police officer who fell in love with her. 

Her run the law ended as she was recaptured by police in Penal, found by a team of police officers in a house at Lachoos Road around 7 p.m.