Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Triumph over tragedy *

Piparo's Miss India T&T

Melissa Harrylal is an ambassador for culture.


MEET Melissa Harrylal, Miss India Trinidad and Tobago.

She's not only beautiful, articulate and intelligent—everything you'd expect of a beauty queen—but she's also one of the most resilient young women to grace the stage of a beauty pageant and capture the crown. Harrylal's family was shaken to its foundation by unspeakable tragedy in August when her sister Michelle was found murdered at her home in Carlsen Field, Chaguanas. As heartbreaking as it was to lose her sister and as difficult as it has been to move forward, Harrylal has found the strength and motivation to do her best in all things for her sake and as a tribute to her sister's memory.

Harrylal's success at the Miss India T&T talent and beauty competition was a first for Piparo. It was the first time anyone from this community in Central Trinidad has entered and won a beauty pageant.


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