Sunday, January 21, 2018

A scream ended this ice cream robbery attempt

Haagen Dazs Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval. Photo ISHMAEL SALANDY.

TWO men attempted to rob the Ellersie Plaza branch of Haagen Dazs just after midday yesterday but left empty handed after an employee screamed at them.

The Express visited the scene to get the scoop and spoke to management and another store owner who described what happened.

Peter Elias who has a women's apparel store one door away said that around 12.50 p.m he heard the woman screaming.

He walked out his store and saw a few customers and employees milling outside the shop.

The gunmen were seen nearby calming crossing Saddle Road and then walking up a hill opposite Ellersie Plaza.

“I would never imagine that was the bandits,” said Elias as he described both men as well dressed with slim fitting shirts and pants.

After the gunmen left Elias spoke to the employee who had screamed out and she told him that she reacted that way because one of her colleagues was still in the store with the two bandits after she and the customers ran out.

Elias explained that the gunmen were seen lurking around the plaza from around 10 a.m but nothing was thought of them at the time.

He said that the mall's management shared a good relationship with their occupants as several times during the day a patrolling security officer would check in on all the store owners by knocking on a back door.

He said at the time of the robbery the bandits may have known this and at 12.40 a.m they knocked on a back door of the ice-cream store which was then opened by one of the employees.

As the person opened the door the bandits stormed in and before customers and employees announced a hold-up.

Elias said: “There are decent Trinis living in Trinidad and Tobago especially the employee who shouted for her friend but we cannot let 3000 fools spoil it for all of us and I am proud to see that she (the employee who raised an alarm) saved her friend.”

Kevin Whiteman, Director of Operations HD Cafe Limited the parent body of the local Haagen Dazs franchise spoke to reporters but explained that none of the employees wanted to say anything.

He did confirm that hours after the robbery the company had sent a Psychologist to speak to the employees and calm them down.

St Clair Police are continuing investigations and the Express was told that surveillance footage has already been supplied to them which shows clear footage of both gunmen.