Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mysteries of Caye L’Eglise*

‘LEGENDARY’: Sitting in awe of the entrance to Caye L’Eglise on an earlier trip.

Most of the elders who knew of the location of the natural church-like formation in the hinterlands of Salybia called Caye L’Eglise would have shared this information with successive generations.
However, the younger generation always seems to have much trouble in finding this amazing geophysical feature. Caye L’Eglise is actually a large cave with a church-like formation and to directly find this is not as easy as you would in a waterfall along a river or such like. Initially, when huntsmen encountered this site, it was just coincidental.  Villagers of Cumaca have claimed this natural church as part of their territory because their ancestors had discovered it but in truth it is well away from their area. 

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