Sunday, January 21, 2018

Trinis already celebrating 2018- Long weekends ahead

Carnival is coming

IT's not even Christmas and Trinis are already looking forward to the new year, since it contains at least seven possible “long weekend” as a result of all the public holidays.

There will be at least 15 public holidays in 2018.

Starting on New Year's Day which will be celebrated on a Monday.

Next is the Carnival period where Carnival Monday and Tuesday will be on February 12-13.

This is usually the period where workers generally take time off before to participate in Carnival fetes,  parties, head to the beach or flee the country.

The next set of days which will total four days starting from Good Friday to be celebrated on March 30, followed by Spiritual Shouter Baptist on the 31st and Easter Monday on April 2.

Indian Arrival Day is on May 30 falling on a Wednesday and Corpus Christi is on May 31 leaving the Friday as a likely “day off” for many.

Eid-ul-Fitr is expected to be June 15 which is on Friday and Labour Day on June 19 falling on the Tuesday.

Independence Day will be celebrated on August 31, a Friday.

Republic Day will be on Monday 24 September, making it the final long weekend for the year.

Other public holidays will include: New Year's day (January 1), Emancipation Day (Wednesday August 1), Divali will fall on November 7 and Christmas and Boxing Day to be celebrated on December 25 (Tuesday) and 26 (Wednesday).