Sunday, January 21, 2018

Carrera Island escape: Did he make it to shore?

Unil Phillip escaped Carrera island.

POLICE, Prison Officers and the Coast Guard are searching for an escaped inmate from the Carrera Island Prison, Chaguaramas.

Unil went missing from his holding cell at around 3 p.m.

Phillip alias, “Sona Boy,” is of Enid Village, Rio Claro. He is aged 39.

Police said around 3 p.m prison officers began their routine checks at the facility and noticed that Phillip was not in his cell.

A search of the small island was carried out but he was not found.

The Prison Service then contacted the Coast Guard at 4.15 p.m and they began a search for Phillip in the waters off the prison island.

No one knows if he made it to the mainland.

There is one one documented successful escape from the island by a prisoner who swam the distance.

Police said that Phillip was a convicted inmate serving time for arms and ammunition possession.