Sunday, January 21, 2018

Law Association Council: CJ's silence 'reckless *

Chief Justice: Ivor Archie

The continued silence of Chief Justice Ivor Archie in the face of mounting allegations is “nothing short of reckless”.

Following an executive meeting yesterday, the Council of the Law Association, through its secretary Elena Araujo, issued a release stating: “The council is of the view that the Chief Justice's continued failure to challenge the allegations has the potential to irreparably bring the Office of the Chief Justice into disrepute, and by extension tarnish the entire Judiciary. His continued silence is nothing short of reckless.”

For the past 36 days, the Express has been trying to get a response from Archie following a series of investigative stories which revealed Archie communicated with his friend, convicted fraudster Dillian Johnson, on security for judges and personally contacted the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) seeking to fast-track applications for a number of persons, among them one on behalf of a convicted fraudster friend, Kern Romero.


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