Sunday, January 21, 2018

UPDATE: Diary found near woman's body on the beach

..discovered in Toco

Found dead: Maxine Lewis

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THE body of a woman was discovered on Thursday morning on a beach in Toco.

The woman has since been identified at Maxine Marvlyn Lewis, 21, of D'abadie.

At around 7.30 a.m. officers of the Toco Police Station received an anonymous call reporting that a body was found on the shore at Patience Bay.

Officers responded and found the woman semi-nude, lying face up on the sand. A diary was found nearby with a message.

In the diary, Lewis had made more than a hundred entries since 2015. It revealed that she was deeply depressed. It is believed she drowned. Police were told that Lewis was last seen alive on Wednesday afternoon. It is suspected she traveled to Toco by taxi.

A district medical officer examined the body and told police that the person died hours earlier, as there were no signs of decomposition.

The body was removed to the Forensic Sciences Centre for an autopsy today.