Monday, January 22, 2018

Barbara seeks Elders’ Best Interest*

Centre for the disabled, senior citizens faces closure

DECEMBER 15 marked the 32nd anniversary of the Maloney Senior Activity Centre and Women’s Group. That’s no small feat for Barbara Ince who started the centre with the aim of reaching the disabled and senior citizens in her community. Today Ince is a beacon, a guiding light in Maloney who many have turned to and the centre she began more than three decades ago is considered a place of refuge. However Ince’s ability to continue her much-needed community work has been put to the test in recent times. Last year the government’s subvention to the centre was discontinued. When Ince made inquiries at the Ministry of Social Development, she was told the ministry has been doing audits into homes and centres and since last October, the Maloney Senior Activity Centre has been operating without government funding. 

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