Sunday, January 21, 2018

Christmas toys vendor: 'I wasn't selling the weed'

A MAN who said he was selling Christmas toys before he was arrested by the police, has been placed on a bond to keep the peace until Christmas next year.

Alex Cruickshank, 53, was selling the items two days before Christmas Day.

The court was told that at 1.25 p.m. on December 23, officers were on patrol on Coffee Street, San Fernando when they spotted the defendant. They said he looked in their direction, bent his head, turned around and walked to back of the building. When he was searched 0.8 grammes of marijuana was found in his pocket.

Cruickshank admitted to San Fernando magistrate Christine Charles that he had the drugs but denied that he acted in a suspicious manner. “I was selling toys and clothes for Christmas. I invested money to sell for Christmas … I didn’t act in any suspicious way. I was escorted to the back (of the building).”

He said, “I don’t sell weed …. I make a mistake by having it in my pocket.”

Cruickshank said he was convicted years ago for larceny and asked the magistrate to give him a chance or allow him to pay a fine for the drugs. “I’m asking for a bligh … I have a Government job, I paying for my house for myself, If I go to jail I will lose my house,” he said.

Cruickshank told the court that his children lived abroad.

Police prosecutor Sgt Denzil Alexander said Cruickshank did not have a criminal background.

The magistrate said she considered this along with his plea, the quantum of the drugs and his age. She placed Cruickshank on $10,000 bond to keep the peace for a year. Should he breach the bond, he will return to court for sentencing.