Saturday, January 20, 2018

Massive miscount*

This holiday season Trinbagonians seem to be savouring a different flavour instead of the usual ponche de crème, sorrel and ginger beer.
The new brew which ­currently seems to be gracing or disgracing the breakfast, lunch and dinner table involves the debate surrounding Nermal “Massive” ­Gosein’s “Rowlee Mudda Count”. The singer achieved what he had set out to achieve by opting for a rather controversial title for his song, as he admits that due to the call for a boycott of him and his song “I have in fact received several more bookings for performances and thousands of hits on YouTube as a result of their intervention”.
The debate has transcended the meal table and now assumes national proportions with multiple dimensions. On one side are critics who strongly condemn the song, and on the other are supporters who see nothing wrong with it.

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