Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ring in 2018 with Style*

“Tango your way into 2018.”

Dear Marguerite,
Do you have any advice for those of us interested in having a New Year’s Eve party this year?
I’m mostly concerned about decorations, music ideas and group themed games.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated since this would be my first time hosting an event of this nature. Thanks. Kathy
Dear Kathy,
Sorry I took so long to answer you!
So here goes. New Year’s Eve (I prefer this name to Old Year’s Night) parties, can be great fun but have to be planned well in advance. I am not at all sure if the suggestions I am going to give can really be done now, but Trinidad and Tobago is a very resourceful country and the availability of sourcing decorations are far in advance of other Caribbean islands. If not this year what about planning this party for the 2018 Old Year’s Night? SO KEEP THIS COLUMN!!

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