Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pan chief calls for ban on 'Rowlee'*

'Song in bad taste'

PRESIDENT of Pan Trinbago Keith Diaz

PRESIDENT of Pan Trinbago Keith Diaz has joined the chorus calling for a ban of chutney artiste Nermal “Massive” Gosein's controversial song, “Rowlee Mudda Count”, saying the performer even owes the Prime Minister an apology. Diaz said the song was in bad taste and that such derogatory comments against any of the country's leaders, or women, should not be allowed.
In an interview on i95.5FM yesterday, Diaz said if Trinidad and Tobago were a developed country, such a situation would not have been allowed to take place. He said he has known the mother of Dr Keith Rowley for years since her days of cooking at the Breakfast Shed in Port of Spain and she, or any other woman, was not deserving of such derogatory comments. 

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