Saturday, January 20, 2018

Rowley kicks up a storm with gaffes*

From ‘jammetry’ to PM’s boots

MESSAGE FOR MOONILAL: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and UDeCOTT senior project manager Sarah Scoon during a tour of the Red House in Port of Spain on December 18. —Photo: ROBERT TAYLOR

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley received significant backlash this year for a number of off-the-cuff remarks many considered to be offensive. Several of the comments were considered to be demeaning towards women while others were criticised as rude and arrogant.
The Express takes a look back at some of the eyebrow-raising comments that landed the Prime Minister in hot water in 2017. “I am not in your bedroom”
Rowley faced criticism when, in February, he responded to incidents of violence against women by advising women to choose their men more wisely. Rowley was speaking at a public meeting in Maloney when he made the comments. 

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