Saturday, January 20, 2018

Shaming women in public spaces*

The furore over the Massive Gosein's song masks an even greater shaming of our women. Fifty per cent of our women now work outside of the home and more are moving into higher job positions than before. At The University of the West Indies's St Augustine campus, women outnumber men two to one, so this trend will not slow. On entering this space traditionally the preserving of men, how do we plan to treat with these young women? How will they be able to contribute to our national growth?

This is the context that makes the published Justice Rolston Nelson report on workplace sexual harassment important. Mr Nelson concluded that the former executive did not act in bad faith yet being enveloped in a collateral charge, she lost her job. Mr Nelson had no choice but to follow strictly legal principles in arriving at his decision in the absence of both parties.


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