Saturday, January 20, 2018

Vicky appears in Court

Vicky Boodram, right, is handcuffed to another prisoner whilst escorted to the San Fernando Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Photo: TREVOR WATSON

Fraud accused businesswoman Vicky Boodram appeared at the San Fernando Magistrates Court on Tuesday (Jan 2).

Boodram is facing several charges of fraud after being accused of taking millions of dollars from 109 people through fraudulent means in 2010, while serving as a director of Travel and Ship Ahoy Cruise Ltd, and transferring the money to herself and the company.

She was the centre of controversy in November when she allegedly assisted by a law enforcement officer in an escape bid from the women's section of the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca. She was recaptured a few days later.

Express photographer Trevor Watson captured this video of her arrival at the San Fernando Magistrates Court.