Saturday, January 20, 2018

...New Year’s wish: More Govt help for small businesses*

Caption:LAST BIG BUY: This family, from Tobago, shops for fireworks for Old Year’s Night at Fire One Fireworks flag ship store, Macoya, on Saturday. —Photo: CURTIS CHASE

Several business people shared their economic, social and personal wishes for 2018 with Express Business last week. Executive chairman Amalgamated Security Services Michael Aboud
“I would like to see the country be able to get out of its financial crisis, and, to see the reduction of crime, and, to see citizens get more involved in giving information on matters of crime. I would be able to manage the difficulties that we are faced with, and, to make the right choices, and to ensure there is job security and a level of comfort would remain. I wish the nation God’s protection and prosperity and good health. Without good health, you can’t do anything. University of the Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) is a national university, and, they will get the support they need. I wish all the professors and staff and students a “Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year.”

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