Thursday, January 18, 2018

Good news: Fewer road deaths in 2017

This fatal crash happened in Rio Claro in May 2017.

According to the Traffic Branch Records and Statistical Unit, at the end of 2017, there were 117 road traffic deaths from 106 fatal road traffic accidents in Trinidad and Tobago.  

It is a 14 per cent reduction in road deaths compared to 135 in 2016 and an 8 per cent decrease in fatal road traffic accidents, when compared to 114, at the end of 2016. 

It is encouraging to note that the last time Trinidad and Tobago experienced a road fatality figure this low was 22 years ago in 1995, when 114 road deaths were recorded, said Acting Assistant Superintendent Kissoon Badloo at the Police Service press conference in Port of Spain on Wednesday.

Ten years ago, the country was recording over 230 road death.

“We as a country have managed to reduce this figure by 50%, which is something to be commended” said Badloo.  

Road Safety Coordinator, Brent Batson said that In 2017, the 117 road deaths comprised of 49 drivers, 23 passengers, 35 pedestrians, eight motor cyclists and two pedal cyclists, with the largest reductions being a 49% reduction in passenger deaths and a 20% reduction in pedestrian deaths.  

He said 2018 is expected to bring greater accountability to irresponsible and reckless drivers, with the planned implementation of the driver demerit point system, and the red-light and spot speed camera systems coming online.

Batson acknowledged the efforts of, the Ministry of Works and Transport, for assisting the TTPS in the operationalisation of the speed guns on the roadways and the addition of nine more speed guns to our traffic enforcement operations, which are currently being deployed across the main roads in Trinidad and very soon in Tobago.

Sharon Inglefield and her team at Arrive Alive, also continue to be instrumental in support of the'iRoadsafe' educational efforts, to help road users make safer and more responsible decisions., he said.

“We would like to remind road users to change their attitudes and behaviours to become more alert, patient and courteous, with the opening of the school term next week and remind drivers to have their vehicles inspected in accordance with the law” he said.

With the 2018 Carnival season in full gear, we wish to remind all road users of the following:  

- Keep road safety in their party planning by designating a driver or booking a taxi service, especially if you are attending all-inclusive parties, so one can relax and fully enjoy the experience. 

- Don't start a journey if you think you are too tired to drive. Stop in a safe place such as a police or gas station, if you realise you can't continue.  

- Passengers, remember to wear your seatbelts and stay awake with your driver, since sleep is proven to be contagious in vehicles. 


-           Pedestrians, please do not cross roadways unless it is safe and remember it is difficult to judge the speed of vehicles at night, so cross only when the roadway is clear and where ever possible, in designated crossing areas. 

The TTPS will be out in full force to help keep the roads safe with our breathalysers and speed guns and remember “WRONG MIX- ALCOHOL AND LYRICS”.