Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Police wreckers made $10 million in two years

POLICE tow trucks removed 10,563 illegally parked vehicles last year, and it cost drivers a total of $4.9 million to get their vehicles released.

The wreckers did even “better” in 2016, when they took away 12,052 illegally parked vehicles and made $5.7 million for the tax papers.

The information was disclosed during a police press conference in Port of Spain on Wednesday, hosted by ASP Kissoon Badloo of the Traffic Branch.

It was also revealed that more than $19,000 speeding tickets were issued last year, an increase of 69 per cent over the prevision year.

Police Stats: 

More than 32,000 tickets were issue last year, a 61 per cent increase over the previous year.

Police also said that while more drivers were given the Breathalyser test 2017, fewer people were charged with drunk driving.