Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Singing to change*

in the finals: Stacey Sobers


MUSIC can not only entertain but empower people and calypsonian Stacey Sobers hopes to do both.

If Sobers doesn't get the audience on their feet, she'll certainly get them on the edge of their seats this Carnival season. She has already earned a place in this year's NWAC Calypso Queen Finals.

Her offerings for 2018 have powerful themes and Sobers with her strong yet melodious voice delivers them with force and finesse. “Calypso Capital” honours Skinner Park as the place that has stayed loyal to its calypso and kaiso roots. In the song, which was written by Gregory Ballantyne, Sobers hails Skinner Park as the capital of calypso and laments the decrease in support for Carnival staples like Dimanche Gras and the Kings and Queens shows at the Queen's Park Savannah. Her second offering, “Queens and Kings” is another lyrical sucker punch. With lyrics like “Careful who you calling ‘Queens' and ‘Kings' because true royalty doh do certain things”, Sobers is attempting through music to raise the level of consciousness among males and females in our society.


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