Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Grandiose schemes matched by an astonishing ego*

I make reference to Dr ­Terrence Farrell's recent ­media-­directed statements in relation to “high standards for my own performance” and that “one of those high standards was that a reasonably high percentage of the board's suggestions should have been adopted”, and “not having patience to deal with the slow pace of public sector implementation”.

Firstly, without having had the benefit of a full and frank discussion among ordinary citizens (whose opini­ons, in his course of dealing with elites, he disdainfully dismisses) of the terms and conditions of the Economic Advisory Board (EAB), Dr Farrell's studied assessment of the reasons for his premature resignation, as it stands, has very little value due to an elitist brand of communication and absence of humility, in the eyes of the prime minister's bosses, and distorted introspection on Dr Farrell's part.


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