Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Light-Hearted Flirting*

Hello Dear Readers,
As I wrote last week, for a couple of weeks I intend to be light-hearted, because the world is so gloomy right now with the hint of doom and destruction by allegedly “strange” men taunting each other with different “buttons”!
Is there a way or strategy, a reader (who is unattached, either a divorcee or widow) has asked, that a woman can use to make a man, a widower, more interested in her?
Her name, she said, is “Anxious” and she has a couple of friends who are trying to give her advice.
And later, are Italian men really romantic? Or do guide books just say so?
First, let's strategise. So this is my answer to the request by “Anxious”. 

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