Monday, January 22, 2018

Purpose Driven Aesthetician finds her calling*

Kamille Abdool is the director of Wellfit World Trincity Mall and a US licensed aesthetician. She is a missionary both locally and abroad, a mentor to youth, motivational speaker and helper to the sick and troubled.  The year 2018 has just begun and in the midst of the celebrations, we continue to ask ourselves the common question—Why do bad things happen to good people? But then again why not? The answer is simple—it gives our Lord Jesus Christ the opportunity to show his might, power and comfort for his people. He knows who and what challenges to give to His children because He already knows the outcome for growth, success and fulfillment thus there is no need to worry. Within this philosophy lies the compass to my purpose…
Indeed my story begins in East Trinidad in a Christian household. Growing up, in as much as I was deep into my faith, there were times when I used to backslide. 

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