Monday, January 22, 2018

'Raj's' wife to sue him for defamation

AFTER seeing a letter earlier this week calling for chutney singer Kenneth Supersad to stop singing “De Raj Story”, a female closely linked to “Raj” has sent “Raj” a letter stating he has defamed her, purporting in the letter to Supersad that she was a liar.

She has called for him to apologise within 14 days or face legal action.

In a pre-action protocol letter from the woman’s lawyer, Saira Lakhan, to “Raj’s” attorney, Wendy Ramnath-Panday, Lakhan stated that “Raj” publicly slandered her client.

It was said that he stated in a “publicised letter” that there were “several misrepresentations and misleading statements” in a video.

The video, which the woman said she never posted on social media, went viral last November. It showed a man named “Raj” being confronted by his wife about his extra-marital affair. “Raj” served the woman with a petition for divorce. The divorce proceedings are pending before the court.

In her letter, Lakhan told Ramnath-Panday: “The contents of your letter purport that my client is malicious, a liar and or a dishonest person when one examined the ordinary and natural meaning of the words you used to describe my client’s conduct and your client’s purported injury to his reputation. This has caused my client further trauma and embarrassment.”

Lakhan also said: “Your client’s slanderous comments have caused serious and irreparable damage to my client’s reputation since it portrays her as a dishonest person and it falsely portrays your client as a ‘victim’ in a situation that escalated as a result of his conduct. My client maintains that she was a faithful and dedicated wife and that she tried her best to salvage the marriage... My client further denies all statements in your letter relating to her purported dishonesty and malicious behaviour. These statements by your client are malicious, hurtful and without merit and it amounts to an act of cowardice from your client.”

She said her client was a devout Hindu who prayed that the situation would end with time and she also spoke to Raj’s parents about it.

She said she had undergone extensive counselling and intends to obtain medical reports and seek reimbursement for her treatment and medication. Lakhan’s letter to Ramnath-Panday continued: “I am instructed to formally call upon your client to withdraw the statements made in your letter and to publicly apologise to my client for the statements made pertaining to my client by Monday 15th January, 2018 and to immediately cease and desist from making any further defamatory statements, comments, remarks about my client.”

She said should “Raj” fail to adhere, or if she fails to hear from him within 14 days, legal proceedings will be commenced for defamation.

She said it will “inevitably result in the disclosure of all my client’s evidence to substantiate her claims”.

In a letter to Supersad, dated January 8, Ramnath-Panday called for him to stop singing “De Raj Story” as she said it contained evidence in divorce proceedings before the High Court.

However, Supersad denied that his song had any relation to a social media video and a man named “Raj”. He planned to perform the song tonight at the Chutney Monarch semi-finals.