Thursday, February 22, 2018

Choose: joyous wining or deadly bombing*

Hearing over the news of another suicide bombing somewhere in the Middle East and the death of so many as I am looking at the Monday’s newspapers with Kees Dieffenthaller “wukking” up the crowd into a frenzy and also Raymond Ramnarine similarly so at the airport, inter alia, it suddenly crossed my mind that we should consider ourselves very privileged in this part of the world.
to be able to experience such moments of sheer exhilaration while others elsewhere are the victims of the terrors of politico-religious ideology.
Many will argue that there is nothing more worthy and self-fulfilling than the latter, which it may well be for those involved, and perhaps beyond our comprehension. But for us in Trinidad and Tobago happiness is a real thing, here and now, of which Kees and Raymond and what they generate in us are true manifestations. 

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