Thursday, February 22, 2018

'My daughter was murdered, I turned to drugs'

THE FATHER of a murder victim who claimed her death led to him using drugs, yesterday appeared before the court.

Kirk Legal said that his daughter was murdered in Jamaica in 2012. “I was going through some deep stress and needed to keep calm,” he told San Fernando senior magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine.

Yesterday, officers saw Legal walking in Pleasantville. He turned away when he saw them and they searched and found ten grammes of marijuana in his possession.

Defence attorney Ainsley Lucky said his client was a married father of seven. He said the drugs was for Legal's personal use and the driver was not addicted to the drug.

Legal told the court he was going through “turmoil” and spoke about his daughter's death. Legal also said he was disappointed in himself. “I hope I could get another opportunity to start over, for the love of my children.”

The police said he had a pending robbery matter but Legal disputed this saying the case was dismissed. He even added that he recently obtained a certificate of good character from the police.

The magistrate reprimanded and discharged Legal for possession of the marijuana.