Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Growing up in Trinidad is an education. It can also be a schooling for those so inclined but I learnt a lot more out of school than in it. Despite all the geography we learnt in school, when we tried to go out in the evening any time after 6pm we were warned to wear a hat otherwise “dew go fall on you.” Biology and human anatomy in schools never warned us about an organ, bone or something in your body called your “butchet” and its capacity to drop, leaving you in great pain which required the tender administrations of a village specialist, a pundit or sadhu, specialising in dropped butchets. I learnt about “flow” fat the same way. Whenever anyone was overweight, my father, uncle, aunt and even my cousins would say with finality, “Flow fat. Is flow fat.”
I have a new one- FLOW fatigue. I refer to FLOW the company which has undergone several ownership changes and despite the best technology in the business has what I consider the worst customer service. 

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