Sunday, February 18, 2018

Good Samaritans, police saved this man's life

The elderly man, who is now being cared for at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The people who found a homeless man suffering roadside in San Fernando last December, did not turn away. They intervened.

Their actions saved the man's life.

Police constables Mark Balkaran and Anthony Patrick were on patrol on December 29 when they received a distress call.

A resident of Hubert Rance Street, Vistabella reported that a homeless man was lying on an empty piece of land near her home. The frail looking man was in rags and had not eaten in days. And he had slept overnight in torrential rain and covered in a wet blanket.

The woman told police that she wanted to help the elderly man but was uncertain whether he would become violent.

Constables Balkaran and Patrick, who are attached to the Marabella police station, went to the residence. They approached the man and found that he required medical attention.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was contacted.

But what happened next touched the hearts of residents and passers-by.

A letter of thanks penned by residents Rajiv Budhooram and Feroza Mohammed stated that what they observed was a scene of compassion, kindness and consideration towards this homeless person from the police.

“The two officers exhibited pride in performing duty. Within fifteen minutes of the arrival of these two hardworking officers and with the assistance of the residents, they managed to feed, clothe and get medical attention from the appropriate authorities. The residents would like to thank these two police officers for their act of kindness and exemplary service to the community in this time of need. A truly heart-warming example of the police service at its best. Kudos to the Marabella Police Station and to the officers”.

The Express was told that the homeless man was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he is being treated and rehabilitated.

Residents praised the police officers not only for their kindness but for the respect they showed towards the elderly man.