Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Penchant for Herbs and Spices*

Cordon Bleu-trained chef turned food stylist and photographer, Rayne Kirpalani.

YOU don’t come across people like Rayne Kirpalani everyday—diehard foodies whose life and career revolves around food.  Warm, friendly, hospitable and bursting with energy—Kirpalani is also a representation of what many expect of the Caribbean and of the diverse people that call these special islands ‘home’.
Although she’s lived, studied and worked abroad and travelled to exotic lands as far as the Middle East, her identity hasn’t gotten lost amidst the stamps in her passport, no, Kirpalani is and remains at the core of her being a Caribbean woman, with a penchant for the seasonings, herbs and spices that flavour our food and a strong loathing for poor customer service.

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