Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cashier keeps calm during robbery

A screenshot from the surveillance video showing the robbery in progress.

Police are investigating a robbery at a Chinese restaurant in Tunapuna on Thursday night.

Four men armed with guns entered Yi Hing Chinese Restaurant along the Eastern Main Road at around 8.30pm.

The men who were casually dressed and not wearing masks held up the owner and customers taking cash and cellphones.

The robbery was recorded on the business' closed circuit television camera.

But what caught the attention of viewers was how a female employee calmly smiled and even appeared to be having a conversation with one of the suspects.

The footage shows one of the men jump the counter. The employee was sitting at the counter on her cellphone. She opened the cash register and continued on her cellphone while the man emptied the drawer.

Another gunman pointed a gun at the owner and demanded his cellphone.

The female employee, however, was not relieved of her cellphone.

The men then exited the building.

Investigators said they were reviewing the footage. Officers have also obtained descriptions of the suspects and have launched a manhunt.