Thursday, February 22, 2018

Councillor's Sealots home destroyed in blaze

Port-of-Spain City Corporation deputy mayor Hillan Morean with Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein outside his destroyed home in Sealots.

Local Government councillor Allan Samuel lost everything he owned in a fire which destroyed his home on Thursday.

Samuel, councillor for St Ann's River South, was attending council meeting at the Port of Spain City Corporation when he received a call at around 9.30am.

"I was in the Chamber and my phone was ringing. I didn't want to take the call because I was in meeting but it was not stopping. I finally took the call and it was a neighbour saying my house was on fire," he said.

The house was located at Concession Road, Sealots.

Samuel said the council members accompanied him to the site where he found his home was destroyed.

He had occupied the house with his sons ages seven and nine and their mother, Cordell Prescott.

Samuel said his family lost every thing in the blaze. "What hurt most was my documents, school books, sentimental things all went up in flames," he said.

Samuel and his family have moved temporarily into an apartment in Woodbrook.

Fire officers returned to the site this morning to determine the cause of the blaze.

Local government minister Kazim Hosein and a team from the corporation's disaster unit also visited the site.