Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PhD student finds stolen car, but something priceless is missing

The car was discovered by the victim's brother-in-law.

THE PhD student who offered a reward for the return of her text books and research that were in the  car when it was stolen, has found her vehicle.

The AD Wagon was discovered in a parking lot at the Piarco International Airport on Thursday night.

In a cruel, twist, what she wanted back the most, was not there.

The thieves apparently dumped the textbooks and research samples that she was working on at The University of the West Indies towards her doctorate in environmental biology.

The employee of the Institute of Marine Affairs in Chaguaramas, said the vehicle was stolen from Irish Avenue in Glencoe around 2.15 a.m. on Sunday.

Closed circuit television cameras captured images of two men fiddling for several minutes with the doors of the woman's white Nissan AD wagon.

The footage showed one of the men entering the vehicle, while the other pushed it downhill.

The textbooks are on the topics of shells and invertebrates.

“This is important for my work. There are marine samples in vials; there are small clear vials with caps on them. The liquid is pinkish in colour and there are organisms in it.

“They are in ice-cream containers; some were in a box, and others in a plastic shopping bag. I had some scientific books on shells and invertebrates which may be a total cost of $1,000 but they have to be purchased online,” she said.

In a post on social media, the woman wrote: “my brother-in-law found my car at Piarco Airport parked in the carpark. The rims, deck rubber mats were gone and the L-plate was changed and sadly all the samples and books etc were gone. I would still like to make an appeal for anyone who lives along the East-west corridor, Caroni, and St Helena areas to keep an eye out for these items. There is a reward for the items. Thank you for all your prayers and for sharing my story I got the car back thankfully now I would be grateful to get back the items. Thank you again.