Monday, February 19, 2018

Russian spy ship leaves T&T for US, says CNN*

spy ship: The Russian SSV Victor Leonov is reported to be currently en route to the US coastline.

UNITED States military officials are tracking a sophisticated Russian spy ship that appears to be en route to the American coastline after leaving Trinidad and Tobago waters, international news channel CNN has reported. A two-minute, 14-second-­long story by CNN’s Brian Todd, which aired on Thursday, said the SSV Victor Leonov vessel is believed to be on its way towards the eastern coast of the United States. CNN reported the ship was seen leaving Trinidad and Tobago earlier this week and was last observed near the Dominican Republic.
On a mission? In the CNN report, Russian military expert Michael Koffman said he believed the ship was heading towards the Uni­ted States to gather as much information as it possibly could.

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