Sunday, February 18, 2018

What money problems? These fetes are selling out

Despite the economic challenges, Trinidadian's propensity to party, it seems, will never go into recession. 

With ticket prices ranging from $500 -$1200, not to mention to buy clothes, accessories, a trip to the hairdresser/barber and money for food and drinks, a person can more than likely spend around $2000 just to go to one event. 

While some people moan about higher taxi-fares, food and gas prices,  the price to take a little wine and ease your worries is not too high.

 This is evident given the number of all-inclusive events already sold out for the Carnival season.

 Some fete promoters said the economic downturn did little to affect their ticket sales but it did affect sponsorship.

 Dubbed the safest fete for Carnival, Army Fete takes place February 2 at the Queen's Park Savannah.

 Organisers of the event said it was too early to determine if ticket sales would be affected due to the challenging economy.

 They noted that safety and all-round enjoyment are atop their priority list again for this year's Army fete. With four bands, and at least 10 artistes slotted to perform at the event, we pride on giving our patrons value for their money, they said.

 “Fete with the Saints” is another popular event that has seen little or no change with regards to ticket sales. The event which takes place this Saturday on CIC Grounds, Serpentine Road St Clair is already sold out.

 Tickets for the Naparima College annual cooler fete on Carnival Friday is also going fast and organisers expect a sell out for the VIP section which will cost $600. The “cooler zone” tickets cost $350.

 Organisers for the event said, it has been that way for the last few years.

 Some of the more affordable fetes this year include: Out in South, tickets cost $300 (General) and $420 (VIP), Army Fete - $275 (General) and $500 (Special Reserve), Ladies Night Out - $375 (General) and $500 (VIP) and Soca in D Drome - $250 (Greens) $450 (Drinks all inclusive).

The following events are already sold out: “Out in South”, “Fete with the Saints” and “Soaka”.