Sunday, February 18, 2018

5 Star Akil feels right*

LIMITLESS: 5Star Akil (Akil Borneo) has just released his latest offering for Carnival 2018. It is titled “Feel Right”.

5 Star Akil (Akil Borneo) is literally aiming for the skies in 2018.
The hard working entertainer has taken to the air bridge between these twin-islands to complete a stunning piece of visual work for his latest release: The Da Nation Music Group and Precision Productions-co-produced track “Feel Right”.
“‘Feel Right’ is really about saying you’ve met this girl and there is nobody in this wide world that makes you feel this way right now,” 5Star said of the Shumba Mahuli, Jovan James and Stephon “Codename Spaceman” Gabriel co-written track.
The “Different Me” singer gave the Sunday Mix a sneak peek of the highflying video, which will debut at a private event on Tuesday evening. The production, which co-stars DJ Ana (Ana-Lessa Ramnarine), will be uploaded online for mass consumption the following day.

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