Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bad omen for new President*

The passing of former president Max Richards, coinciding as it did with the unanimous vote by parliamentarians to elect retired Justice Paula Mae Weekes as the first female and new President of the Republic, seems to have triggered a measure of hope among some citizens that the nation can be rescued from its downhill slide by the eminence of the Head of State.

I beg to differ. When I heard of Max's demise on the eve of Weekes's elevation, my instinctive reaction was: this is ominous. By then, the opposition United National Congress had joined with the ruling People's National Movement to nominate Weekes and endorse her candidacy, an unprecedented bi-partisan consensus, which, given the two parties history in the House, should have rung alarm bells rather than kindle hope in the heads of the more discerning in the society.


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