Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Charged with Christmas Day death

...'Ricky Jai' in court

Charged: Richard 'Ricky Jai' Dillon

RIGGER Richard “Ricky Jai” Dillon appeared in court on Friday charged with the Christmas Day death of painter, Asaf Khan.

Khan, 52, sustained an injury to the head two days earlier at a bar when he was allegedly hit on the face and fell. He died at hospital.

Dillon, 35 of Golconda, was charged with manslaughter following directions on Thursday from deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul.

The charge was laid by corporal Narine Bisnath of the Ste Madeline police station. Investigations were supervised by corporal Patrick of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations.

Dillon faced San Fernando magistrate Gloria Jasmath.

He was represented by defence attorney Carl Mattis who said his client was from a fixed place of abode at Cross Crossing, Golconda. Mattis said the rigger had three traffic matters and had no history of absconding. He also said his client's passport had expired.

Police prosecutor Sgt Krishna Bedassie confirmed Dillon's address and said he had no previous convictions. He made no objection to Dillon being placed on bail.

Jasmath placed Dillon on $175,000 bail. He was ordered to return to court on February 16.