Sunday, February 18, 2018

No-one seems to care at WASA*

As residents of Belmont for over nine years, we have “enjoyed” an irregular water supply that plagues the area. However, for the last three months, there has been a water “drought” that can only be described as terrible, wicked and pure evil. This “drought” happens to coincide with the installation of the McKai booster station last November. I would hate to think that this improvement for the people of McKai is the cause of dismay for the lives of many in other parts of Belmont.  When we call WASA we are met with excuses which often conflict each other from the poor, bumbling customer service reps who are just regurgitating what their higher-ups passed on to them—“low pressure at Coblentz, low pressure in El Socorro affecting Coblentz, some kind of maintenance or the other”, etc, etc. 

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