Sunday, February 18, 2018

Upside down and topsy turvy*

I heard there was a survey by the International Luxury Hotels Association and one of the questions was, “If you could choose any hotel in the world for an overnight stay which one would you select?” The almost unanimous choice of most of the male respondents was the Paris Hilton. All of them wanted to spend at least “1 Night in Paris”.My choice, until a few days ago, would have been the Trinidad Hilton, designed by Conrad Hilton, the great-grandfather of Paris and founder of the Hilton chain. At the start of his career as a hotel magnate, Conrad was no socialite like Paris and, in fact, spent a lifetime earning the money that fuelled the “hot” lifestyle that has become the trademark of the heiress. He first worked in his father’s grocery store then, at the height of the Texas oil boom, bought and ran a 40-room hotel which was so well patronised that rooms changed “hands” several times a day and even the dining room was converted into additional “sleeping” space. 

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