Monday, February 19, 2018

Flu vaccine is the gift that keeps on giving*

I write in response to the letter by Prof Stephan Gift in the Express of January 23, headlined, “Beware, the flu vaccine comes with serious health risks”.
I note with deep concern the contents of the said article, which were not only erroneous but also not evidence-based. It seeks to mislead the public into believing that vaccines are not safe.
It is true that the flu vaccine does not confer complete protection against the illness, because the virus mutates. However, because of its overall safety profile, most state health agencies worldwide in countries who can afford it, recommend its administration during the flu season (September through April) to those at greatest risk.
There is evidence that even though there is not full protection, those people who receive the vaccine and still acquire the flu, do not have as severe an illness as those who did not receive the vaccine. 

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