Thursday, February 22, 2018

MX Prime and UR Hoping Lightning Strikes Twice*


A year is a long time. Just ask MX Prime (Edghill Thomas), Johann Seaton, Avaron Vanloo and Joel Aming.
This time last year the foursome, who together make up soca power DJ/Production group Ultimate Rejects (UR), were listed on every fete billing and displayed by every media outlet following the runaway success of their smash hit single “Full Extreme”.
Eleven months onwards and the MX Prime-led quartet have found themselves virtually invisible.
It's not for a want of good music. Their 2018 fete release “Inside the Festival (ITF)” has all the makings of a great power soca song. And subsequent releases “Lightning Flash”, “Brimstone” and “Vex” are all well-produced and executed.

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