Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rambharat seeks advice into 'land-grabbing'*

Farmer claims Dulalchan took over his property...

FIRST ON LIST: Deodath Dulalchan


AGRICULTURE Minister Cla­rence Rambharat is seeking advice on the way forward with respect to an investigation of how Deodath Dulalchan, the nominee for Police Commissioner, came to be granted a licence for two acres of land in Felicity, Chaguanas.

The investigation, which began last September, is based on a complaint from small farmer Selvin Mahabir in August 29, 2017, who claimed Dulalchan entered upon and fenced his plot of land with the assistance of officials from the Chaguanas Borough Corporation.

Mahabir, who claimed he had occupied these lands for 16 years, wrote a letter on August 29 last year to the Commissioner of State Lands, which he copied to Rambha­rat, Member for Chaguanas West Ganga Singh, Parliamentary Secretary Avinash Singh and an agricultural officer in the ministry.


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