Monday, February 19, 2018

A Scottish-Trini mystery...closer to being solved

Looking for her family in Trinidad: Lena Wilson

A Scottish woman's appeal for the public's help in locating her grandparents, whom she believes can be found in Trinidad, is bringing her closer to the truth of what happened to the couple.

At least one reader believes he knows and has reached out to share what he knows.

Lena Wilson, who shared a post to the Facebook page “Missing Persons Trinidad and Tobago last week, said her grandmother Margaret Black Noble Shields left her family in Scotland in the 1960s and moved to Trinidad where she met and got married to Atrial Stewart or Stuart.

According to Wilson, her grandmother was last employed at the Queen's Park Hotel in 1965 before leaving her job to go and teach English, and her last known address is 21 Eastern Main Road, Petit Boug, San Juan, which was taken off a Christmas postcard her grandmother sent to her family in Scotland in 1967.

Lena Wilson's grandfather is captured in this file photo with an unidentified woman, who she believes may be her grandmother.

Wilson also shared that at the time her grandmother met Atrial, he had two daughters, Valerie and Annmarie Clark from either Belmont or Gonzales.

She's asking that if anyone in Trinidad knows Valerie and Annmarie, to provide their contact information or address as they may know the whereabouts of her grandparents.

Wilson said her mother (Margaret's daughter) is desperate to meet her mother for the first time in her life, or to get any information about her as well as a photograph of her.

According to someone who knew the couple, Margaret was married to Atrill Stuart who worked on Ore-Carriers owned by ALCOA Steamship Company in the 1980s.

Stuart was a Radio Officer with the company for several years, and Margaret and Atrill were very popular with all the officers and crew-members of those ships.

File photo showing Lena Wilson's mother Christine, left, and her aunt Vanda (Christine's twin sister).

They lived in Carenage not far from Tembladora Bauxite Transfer Station.

Unfortunately, Margaret died suddenly in early 1987.