Monday, February 19, 2018

Toyota T&T smaller cars

President of Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Ltd, Shigeru Ito, left, gives Elwynn Reesal information about the features of the new 2018 Toyota Yaris after he was presented with the keys to his new Toyota at the company's San Fernando Showroom at South Park, Tarouba, following the media launch of the 2018 Toyota Yaris yesterday. Looking on at right is Ryan Latchu, vice president of Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

TOYOTA Trinidad and Tobago Ltd has responded to changes in the automotive sector following the national budget and issues with forex reserves by changing to smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Speaking at the launch of the 2018 Toyota Yaris at its San Fernando branch at South Park, San Fernando on Saturday, TTTL president Shigeru Ito said: “In (the) last Government budget, change the paradigm was stated. Fuel subsidy has been removed and in our automotive sector, motor vehicle tax and customs duty has been increased by 25 percent for the passenger car with engine capacity exceeding 1599cc and not exceeding 1999cc. With the pressure of the forex reserve, (the) message to our industry was clear in shifting to smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles.”

He said, “(The) 1.6 below passenger car is (a) growing segment and thus we, Toyota, will shift the strategy to focus on this segment by introducing models which are not just efficient in fuel consumption but affordable.”

He said they were prepared to launch more models soon.

Sales manager Bari Khan presented on the new Yaris’s design and performance including an engine which can use super gas and which has low noise an exhaust emissions and can use super gas. He also said the car is equipped with an anti-lock system that prevents tyres from locking. Khan said this “reduces braking distance, especially on wet roads, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle.”

He also spoke of safety features including a system which helps prevent side skids and helps stabilize the vehicle when turning or cornering. Khan also said, “When the vehicle senses a loss of traction or slip, breaking is automatically applied to individuals wheels and engine power is reduced to help secure the safety of the vehicle and correct the slip.”

Customer Elwynn Ojah Reesal was the first to collect the 2018 Yaris at the southern branch.

The Toyota Yaris was first launched in T&T in the year 2000.