Monday, February 19, 2018

Author to the stars*

Rohini Singh writes sci-fi

AN ORIGINAL: Rohini Singh, author of The Time Manipulator’s Son, is the first female Sci-fi writer from Trinidad and Tobago.

Author Rohini Singh is stirring things up in the science fiction world. Singh, author of the sci-fi novel, The Time Manipulator's Son, is the first female sci-fi novelist from Trinidad and Tobago.

Singh, 56, whose mind constantly probes the fantasy world, started writing her debut novel 12 years ago, at the height of the Harry Potter series, but stopped after she felt that her work was similar to the world-renowned author and writer, JK Rowling, of the “Harry Potter” series.

She started writing again only after she had realised that Rowling's work could not be compared with her own, which hinges on a single, brilliant twist to the sci-fi formula, in a fantasy timeline which incorporates a Trinidadian family and culture.


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